Maschina Graphic Engineering Redesign

As I will start my business beginning next year, it is necessary to relaunch the Maschina brand.

I am planning to put more focus on the Maschina Graphic Engineering Brand, because the mass of different projects (e.g. Barön Brazy, Kein Mampf, Cardemonium, etc.) is getting too much to manage and I want to use my time creating art and not inventing new hashtags.

The old Logo

The Maschina Logo I used for the last 2 Years

As mentioned above the old ‚Maschina‘ Type was in use for almost 20 Years now. It is not dead, as I still use it to sign my Artworks and got it tattoed across my back, so that’s not an option anyway. But I created this Design when I was still at school and didn’t even know how to expand a Path. Not to mention freehand used to ‚forget‘ some anchors when you used that function. I still am quite proud that I mentioned to pull this off so long ago.

Look what I just excavated from my computer. Some of these designs date back to 2005 when I wanted to become a Tattoo Artist while working full time at an Advertising Agency. How cute! And notice the cool 3D effects and grungy scripts I used. Aah – good old times…

No reason to get sentimental, the old Logo served me well but it is time to say good bye.

Creating the new Logo

To approach new clients I have to be easier to access. This starts with a Typeface you can read. I decided to go the complicated way and as I am quite a show off I designed the Letters from Scratch. I think this is quite easy for technical Typefaces as I tend to create a basic shape and then cut or add elements as I see fit.

The development of the basic Shape of the Letters

I always wanted to make a Font, too. As I needed to spell ‚Maschina Graphic Engineering‘ in full I took the chance to give it a try. Here you see the development of this very basic font.

The two elements combined result in the new Logo. I made 2 versions of it, for different uses and chose orange as it is a nice color to attract the eye which is what I want as an Advertiser. There are going to be some changes on the way I am sure, but I think it is quite OK for the moment.

I have already used the new logo on some Business Cards and a Flyer I am going to give out to other participants of the UGP. That’s a service I currently attend from the employment market service helping people to create their own Businesses. The next step is to create some basic Design Guidelines, a corporate design so to say. But thats the topic of an upcoming blog. Stay tuned for more. Also I would like to hear from you if you like the redesign of the Maschina Graphic Engineering Logo! Feel free to comment!

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